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Service Experience

Hubbl is a platform that leverages on the opportunity that advanced digital technology provides in the phygital context to strengthen social capital and build relationships amongst colleagues in workplace settings.

Our client, eFM, is a Real Estate company that focuses on achieving digital transformation for enhancing the phygital experience for its users. They are in the making of an eco-system called "Hub-quarter" that would allow big companies to distribute their offices in strategic locations of the city enabling defused workplaces, giving employees freedom of choice and creating diverse communities.


eFM collaborated with Polimi PSSD students to reinvent the meaning of office spaces in 2030 as a consequence of the pandemic and future needs of workers.  The question we were asked to investigate - how we could transform the work experience - therein investing in communities, promoting empowerment, and leveraging technology to enrich people’s lives - is by envisioning the meaning of workspaces in 2035.


Screenshot 2022-11-08 at 9.40.05 PM.png

MEDGI is slightly different than the double diamond design process. It leverages upon "Object-Behavior-Narrative" that allows a deep observation and utilisation of cultural association and a slight modification of the behavior to build a new narrative/innovation


The pandemic has confronted us with many questions on what workspaces of the future could look like. More significantly, it has completely changed the way we work, where we work from and the time we put into work. We started with desk research and case study reviews to understand the overall context worldwide. It was clear that the move to work-from-home has opened up way too many challenges as well as opportunities for innovation for organisations


We interviewed the top-level managers of eFM to learn about their transition into online modality due to covid-19, the good and the bad of the new normal and the new working system. The insights from the interviews matched with our desk research i.e. people have found a sense of autonomy through this forceful transition into the work-from-home modality. However, the system lacks the beauty of casual and serendipitous moments that are the reason that triggers a sense of belonging. 

The Metaphor

The "metaphor" exercise was for us to help us visualise the kind of experience we wanted to create for our client before the ideation process. The attributes of the metaphor were to help us lead to the HMW question and also the attribute of the service-solution. 

Our metaphor was Candy vending machine!

Screenshot 2022-10-27 at 6.26.28 PM.png

HMW create triggering moments in phygital work environments to promote natural collisions?


Hubbl fosters a diverse community of workers/ colleagues, creates serendipitous moments, gives them unique and inspiring experiences and enhances networking opportunities.

We envision Hubbl to be a third-party platform that we’ll offer to eFM. eFM would be able to integrate it with their existing MySPOT Platform and onboard their employees on to Hubbl



bubble cover.jpg
Screenshot 2022-11-08 at 10.02.58 PM.png


Hubbl leverages on the opportunity that advanced digital technology provides in the phygital context

- Strengthen social capital

- Building relationships

- Part of a diverse community

- Shared serendipitous moments

- Unique, inspiring experiences

- Networking

Print & Digital

Working in the phygital context gave us the opportunity to think of a physical touchpoint and a digital touchpoint, for this reason we developed a series of posters and emailers to reach and to build curiosity among the employees.

Screenshot 2021-09-06 at 6.38.24 PM.png
Teaser posters mock up.jpg
Launch poster 1.jpg
2nd poster.jpg
emailer 1.jpg
The MEDGI process focuses on using storytelling to humanise and visualise innovation.  We made multiple preto videos to streamline our thoughts and concepts for Hubbl and simultaneously refine them. We tried different ways of rapid prototyping to showcase the desired experience of the product into its eco-system

It was the first time I worked with videos as a medium to showcase the service and highlight its working. As a part of the studio, we had to brainstorm on a metaphor that embodied our concept. It was truly a mind-bending exercise to deconstruct and analyse our metaphor from multiple points of view.  

It was a group project. All of us worked together on the conceptualisation part. During the times of prototyping and submission we distributed work based on our expertise. I worked on story-boarding of the videos, prototyping, branding and the tone of voice, interviewing, insight generation etc. 
Project participants: Amarinder | Aurora | Tea| Denise | Sayori
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